About Us

Our Mission: Imparting God\’s Wisdom for Godly Living through the Educational Process

At Portage Christian School, we offer a well-rounded educational program designed to meet the needs of each student in four life areas:


At PCS, our students\’ spiritual needs come first. Our Administrators, teachers, and staff are all born-again Christians with a desire to serve as godly leaders and role models for our student body. Our commitment to Christ-centered education is evidenced not only by our weekly chapels or the inclusion of Bible as a course at each grade level, but also by the focus we place on faith throughout our curriculum. We are steadfast in our belief that following Jesus means allowing his example to permeate every aspect of our lives. It is for this reason that all of our classes — from art to algebra — are infused with the application of our Faith.


At PCS, we want your child to succeed, and to succeed, your child will need a rigorous and challenging core curriculum along with specialty classes that meet his or her needs. Our core curriculum consists of reading, spelling, writing, science, physical education, English, math, history, and geography. We also offer advanced opportunities for students who exceed expectations. Our highly trained, motivated faculty and staff are committed to guiding your students through this curriculum with an encouraging voice. Small class sizes and a low student to teacher ratio means that your student will receive the focused direction he or she needs to do his or her best. Our course of study is continually reviewed and upgraded with the goal of providing an affordable, quality Christian education.


One of the largest challenges today\’s children and youth face is finding appropriate places and methods of socializing with their peers. As culture continues to push our children into negative socializing experiences, we at PCS strive to offer a wholesome alternative. From a comprehensive athletic program to an extensive list of clubs and organizations to a calendar full of special events, PCS offers many opportunities for our children and teens to develop socially in a secure and productive environment.


Physical health is important to spiritual, academic, and social development. Students in poor physical health often have trouble focusing on academics or Bible study. At PCS, we know that children start making choices about their physical health while they are still young. For this reason, we strive to help your child learn to make healthy decisions from the earliest grades. From preschool through high school, we offer you child instruction on health, nutrition, and physical fitness, as well as a physical education program in each grade. Outside of school, our comprehensive sports program includes soccer, basketball, baseball/softball, cheer leading, and volleyball.