Student – Parent Stories

A Christ-centered education does make a difference! After transferring from public school to PCS, students often report feeling less anxious, better supported, and more enthusiastic about their studies.


It has been on my heart to drop you a note and let you know how very much Danielle, myself and our family truly appreciate the work you do.  Your love and dedication is such a gift from God; truly amazing.  Since our first meeting, we have been blessed!  Mr. Pender, you were so compassionate and encouraging during the interview and testing process.  We felt God working.  Since her first day of school, Danielle has been excited, relaxed and without fear, something she never experienced in public middle school.  Her grades, friendships and most importantly her faith in Christ’s love has grown daily, as has mine!  Our lives have become richer in God’s love, since we found and joined your school “family.”  We are so grateful to and encouraged by each and every one of you.

– Robyn Gragido 


I just want you to know what a difference PCS has made in my son’s life.  When he was in the public school, I was sure he was being verbally bullied.  The teachers assured me he had many friends in his class; however, I noticed something different. He was quieter, withdrawn, his grades were not so good, and when he came home off the bus, his head was down.  His faith was not strong, and I was concerned he would fall into the wrong crowd just to fit in.  When we found out you were doing the vouchers, we transferred our children to PCS.  Now, he has made the honor roll twice; he is happy; his faith is stronger.  He is a different child in a good way.  One day when I asked him how he did so well with his math facts, he said, “God was helping him.”  Praise to God for PCS.

– Teri Kaufman