Our Mission

The mission of PCS athletics is to build character through competition, passionately inspire a devotion to excellence, and develop champions for Christ. We believe that competition presents challenges similar to those that every person might one day face throughout life.  Although these challenges may be on a smaller scale, the ways in which we overcome them and the lessons that we learn from them are the same.   Portage Christian’s athletic program is dedicated to developing character through sports.   We strive to promote working together in oneness, to conquer fears, to overcome obstacles, to look for lessons and motivation in loss, and for humility and opportunity in victory.

Most importantly, we strive to honorably represent our Lord Jesus Christ and to advance His kingdom through our words, thoughts, and deeds.  At Portage Christian School, we recognize a battle far greater than any sports arena:  a battle for people’s eternal souls.  As coaches at PCS, we are to be diligent and desperate as we fight to develop champions for Christ.  Let us make a pledge together to focus on the invisible, chase the intangible, and do the impossible. 

Athletic Director – Jared Frick
Phone: (219) 762-8962 ex. 110
Fax: (219) 763-9931 attn: Jared Frick

Portage Christian School Athletics