I just wanted to send you a quick email of encouragement. I just completed a brief position at (Anonymous) Middle School as a Special Ed teacher. I quickly realized this position was not something I wanted to continue in for a variety of reasons. I let the Special Ed director know fairly quickly so they could hire another teacher but I volunteered to stay on until the hiring process was completed. This turned out to be a 4 week stay! I learned so much during this time which has led to this email.

PCS is doing lots of things right! I know it has been a tough season for the school. But from what I have seen in the public school, PCS offers hope along with an excellent education. The atmosphere I encountered was so oppressive. God is excluded from every subject, as we know, of course. But the sense of hopelessness was overwhelming. I also realized how far left education has shifted. Many of the problems we are seeing in our society can be directly traced to public education, in my humble opinion. I encountered very nice teachers who wanted to do their best for their students. But without the hope of Christ, their efforts are really in vain. I knew all this but seeing firsthand the state our public schools are in and getting a glimpse of where public education is going, I was glad to receive validation that PCS is doing excellent teaching and holding their students accountable for their education.

Recently, (student) asked me to pass a couple of messages on to (Teacher A) and (Teacher B) on how prepared he has been for his classes at Grace College and to thank them for being so thorough in their teaching. His public school educated classmates have had a harder transition to college level work than he has had. I have been very thankful throughout this whole experience that my children were blessed with a quality biblically based education. 

In closing, I just wanted to encourage and uplift you in your leadership at PCS. Educating children is not an easy task but based on my experience, PCS is doing a really good job! I pray that God will open doors and allow PCS to have an even greater impact upon our community.