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  • Is TADS sight secure and protected?

Yes, TADS privacy policy is accessible via the following link: hosts an https: website, which is secure and locked.

  • Do I have to release my child’s Social Security Number?

 No, this is not required information for the school.

  •  What is the $45  fee for?

TADS offers a variety of ways to pay tuition. If the entire tuition is paid in one or two payments, there is not a $45 processing fee. If parents desire to break the payments into more than two installments, the fee is added and is due within two weeks of completing the enrollment process. The system is flexible and simple. The $45 fee is a once per year per family fee (not per student and not per month.)

The $45 upfront fee pays for TADS monthly tracking and processing of your student(s) tuition.

    • It will free our office staff to focus more on school related things
    • It will simplify the enrollment and re-enrollment process for everyone
    •  It will digitize paperwork involved in enrollment
    •  It will get the school out of the A/R business so we can focus on academics and spiritual formation
    • It will offer several payment options, including five different days of the month for payment.
  • How do I make payments, and can we still use the office to make payments?

 There are 3 options through TADS for payments.  You may have the payments automatically deducted from your bank account, you may pay by personal debit or credit card, and you may mail your payments directly to TADS per their invoices.

Yes, you can still make payments to the office.  Once your payment is received in the office, a staff member will enter your payment into the TADS system, showing a payment has been received.  However, please note that this will not be done on a daily basis, so if you are close to the due date that you have picked, you will want to make sure that your payment is made directly to TADS to avoid all late fees.

  • Do current students need to upload birth certificates and immunization records?

No, this information is needed for all new student applications.

  • PCS SCRIP tuition… Does it still apply?

Yes, we apply tuition percentages from SCRIP currently twice a year.  We will continue to do this, and you will see a SCRIP credit towards your tuition as an in-school payment twice a year.

  • Will athletic fees run through TADS?

We will have the option to add fees for any department at a later time to eliminate manual tracking of these fees.  However, at this time, nothing besides tuition and school fees will run through TADS.