Bible 6 – a strong Bible program that expects students to not only acquire skills and knowledge but also grow in faith and demonstrate that faith by their behavior. In 6th grade, the emphasis is on the New Testament with application of Scripture. God’s Plan of Salvation is a common theme within each lesson. Biblical success, a Christian worldview, forgiveness, choices, and growing in faith are just a few of the topics discussed throughout the year.

Bible 7 – “Christian Living” looks at the development of the believer’s life in Christ. We will examine the necessary basics of the Christian life – birth, growth, breath, communication, and behavior. A key aspect of this course will be ensuring that students understand these basics and have made them a part of his or her life.

Bible 8 – an incredible Bible program that takes students on a “journey” through the entire Bible from beginning to end.  Students will grow in confidence, as they realize they are studying the Bible all the way through.  Learning repeated principles through Scripture prepares students for Christian thinking, and promotes growth in faith.   Students will learn how to:  Apply Biblical principles to everyday life, understand Scripture and its primary themes, know where to locate key events and characters in the Bible, and lay foundations for future studies.

Bible 9-12 – Comprehensive Bible course, students start at level 1 and work through level 4 depending on how many years they attend PCS.

Bible Elective – (Length 1 yr./2 credits; prerequisite: none) gateway course that introduces students to the concept of making a positive difference in the world by developing in character, scholarship, and leadership. This course helps students gain an understanding of the Christian way of life and learning that enables virtue, servant leadership, and citizenship in God’s kingdom within the context of the concept of life calling and the discovery of one’s God-given design as a basis for this calling. This discovery is based on foundational values revealed in the Christian faith. These values form a Christian worldview that students will continue to develop throughout their entire educational experience. This emerging sense of calling can then be used to guide the student in taking actions of personal mission that can lead to greater success in their educational experience, and at the same time helps students make a positive impact in their world around them. (DUAL CREDIT)

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